Crisis Response Northwest 2021 Conference

One Weekend – Six Classes – One Purpose

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About The Conference

This conference is designed to equip those called to serve and protect the flock in churches, synagogues, schools and other faith-based organizations. While overall crime rates across the US are in decline the exact opposite is true when it comes to churches and other faith-based organizations – they are steadily increasing. The reality is most Church security teams are well intended volunteers but often lack even the most basic training and skills to deal with ever increasing calls for assistance.

Our Instructor cadre is comprised of professional, certified subject matter experts and includes law enforcement, paramedics, crisis negotiators and protection specialists. This conference will give you the tools to deal with a myriad of issues including medical emergencies, security team best practices, active shooter response, verbal de-escalation skills and safe/effective firearms fundamentals.

In one short weekend you will be exposed to professionals with decades of experience in key areas that are vital to having an effective security team. We hope to see you there!